Islamic Studies Seminar

The Islamic Studies Seminar is a six week program for anyone who has interest in serving among Muslim people groups or is interested in learning about Islam. We did this school in January 2015 as students, now we are leading this school with the purpose to help others gain understanding about Muslims and their culture and to see God’s heart for these people. We will be leading the school in January 2016.

This seminar is open to everyone, including those who are not a part of YWAM and those who have not completed a DTS.

During the 6 weeks, we have different speakers coming to speak on the following topics:

* The history of the religion and expansion of Islam
* Fundamental Islamic beliefs
* The culture and practices
* Exploring creative ways to evangelize
* How to contextualize the Gospel
* How to develop a strategy to live and be a witness of the Gospel in an Islamic context/Business in Missions

Find more info here: http://www.ywamsj.org/train/islamic-studies-seminar

Discipleship Training Schools

Something that both of us have always been passionate about is discipleship. You might hear this word being tossed around a lot, and perhaps even feel confused about what it means.

For us, discipleship is the process of learning from the Biblical example of Jesus’ life and inviting others to join in. Discipleship is something that never stops. It’s about us choosing to live more like Jesus everyday, and helping others do the same.

We get to be discipled, and we get to disciple others in a few different ways here.

Something we’ve had the opportunity to do twice and may do more of in the future is help run Discipleship Training Schools, where we get to lead students from several Nations into a deeper understanding of who God is and who they are because of Him. It’s a five month period of learning of, growing in and giving out the love of Jesus to bring His Kingdom to earth.

How to get involved: http://www.ywamsj.org/train/classic-dts

Ryan and I led this group of students in a DTS in Honduras in 2011.
Ryan and I led this group of students in a DTS in Honduras in 2011.
This awesome group was so fun to help lead!
This awesome group was so fun to help lead in 2013!

Staff Development

Not only do we get to be a part of discipleship when we work with DTS’ but it’s something we get to practice everyday as part of the Staff Development Team at the base. Our hearts have a longing desire to see every single person on staff living out their calling to the fullest.

Our hope is that all of the staff know that they are deeply loved and cared for, not only by God, but by their leaders and their community. Our prayer is that we can be intentional about helping the staff live lives of emotional, mental, financial and spiritual stability.

The idea is that as a part of the Staff Development Team, we can create a culture of family, trust, care, and vulnerability while offering resources and providing an atmosphere for the staff that will lead to healthy growth as they love God and others.

Practically, this means running staff seminars, training in support raising and time management, workshops, small groups, mentors, retreats, and fun staff gatherings.


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