De Alas Rotas

[See the full, 25-minute documentary at the bottom of this page.]

In September of 2010, while we were doing our DTS, we met a staff person at the base named Pablo, after he had come back from a photo trip to the border of Nicaragua & Costa Rica.  He shared with us what he discovered there… child prostitution.

Pablo told us that he met a boy who was 17 years old who had been prostituting himself since he was 12, and Pablo shared how this had sparked a desire to do something about the injustice of child exploitation and sex slavery in Central America, because at that point, there was no documentation of the issue in Central America.

So the three of us began to pray, both as a team and as individuals, about how God wanted us to pursue this project.  A year later, our friends/fellow missionaries Anabel and Joel joined the team and we began to receive training in filmmaking, journalism, and self defense.

In November of 2011, after raising enough money for our first trip, we took off on a chicken bus to Nicaragua where we stayed at a safe house with 6 former prostitutes & their children, as well as 21 girls between 5-16 years old that had been rescued from brothels.

Filming in Honduras.

While there, we saw deeper into the lives of these women and girls, their wounds, and their longings.  We also saw their redemption and renewed hope, and that is what helped us continue with the project.

We want the world to see past the statistics.  We want the world to know that all those numbers have a name, a story, and a soul.  And if we can reach just one of them with God’s love, it will all be worth it.

Speaking on a local radio show in Costa Rica.

We finished our filming in Nicaragua and Honduras in December 2011, and in early 2012 we completed the filming process in Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Our team in Guatemala after the completion of filming.

After this season of filming, listening to countless stories of abuse, suffering, and exploitation, we decided to take a few months to dive deeper into our beliefs and relationship with God by taking a three-month Bible course here at the YWAM base. It was a time for us to process all that we had learned and listened to, to seek God’s heart in regards to such a heavy reality, and to decide how we would continue with the documentary.

Sharing our project with University students in Panama.

In 2013, after hours, days, and months of collaborating, editing, and praying, we came up with the final product of the documentary. It is 5 months of travel and discovery told in 30 minutes. It is the story that changed the lives of 5 friends with the vision of bringing truth and hope to the people of Central America, to share the narratives of those who have lived through the unimaginable, and to inspire change and transformation in the youth by empowering them with knowledge and the example of our own story. Essentially, we hope that with this documentary we can bring freedom to people to talk about sexual abuse, incest, the role of men in society, and the problems of apathy while at the same time inspire young people to live a life that goes beyond themselves.

Sharing our story with high school students from all the Americas at a Global Issues Network conference.
Telling hundreds about what we discovered during our travels through Central America.









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