Here you can see our budget goals as well as the links and options for partnering with our ministry! Thanks for considering becoming a part of what God is doing in Central America and the Nations!

Join Our Team and help us become fully-funded

We hope to build a strong team of monthly partners. We have learned that all of us play a part in this mission to make disciples of all Nations, so that includes not only the people on the “field,” but every member of the body – teachers, students, moms & dads, business people, etc. We love to see the impact that comes when all of us team up to bring His Kingdom. Prayerfully consider if you should become part of our team. Even if it’s $10 a month, together every contribution has great power to continue impacting the Nations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our budget, we are very open to sharing it with you. Please just ask and we can send you our Excel spreadsheet.

Below is a list of several options for tax deductible gifts through Mission Enablers International.


1) Online Donations (Credit/Debit Card)


To make tax deductible donations online, follow this link:

Select “Special Gift” or “Recurring Gift”

Enter our Account #: A9070 (*This is very important! Must enter # for us to receive it*)

Proceed to select your payment option.

2) Give by Check or Cash


Make checks payable to “Missions Enablers International”/”MEI ”

*Enclose a separate note with our Account Number #A9070

Send checks to:

Mission Enablers International
PO Box 2127

Bentonville, AR 72712

3) Paypal

Click this link: Give through PayPal

(Option #1 also includes an option to use Paypal as your means of payment, the difference is that this is not tax deductible, and option #1 is)

*Through MEI all donations are tax deductible!

*For prayer requests and updates on our budget or needs for 2018-19, you can email us at

Thank you to all of you who partner with us prayerfully and to those who have given generously – you have allowed us to be where we are and you are playing a big part in changing lives!


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