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As full-time volunteers with Youth With A Mission, we do not receive a paycheck for what we do each day. YWAM has functioned like this for more than 50 years and is the second largest missionary-sending organization in the world! The largest one that pays its staff is Focus on the Family with 400 full-time staff, while YWAM has 18,000 (unpaid) full-time staff reaching the Nations in more than 180 different countries!

The reason that they are able to have so many people working for God’s Kingdom all around the world is because each and every missionary is joining with partners who want to be a part of all the amazing stuff that God is doing in people’s lives around the world.

We are currently about 50% funded, and would love to have you join our team of committed financial partners, or if you aren’t able to commit to a regular contribution, we very much appreciate one-time gifts.

If you are interested in “adopting” us as your missionaries and joining us in God’s call to reach the Nations, you can go to the “Give” page to sign-up for a tax deductible donation. If you still want to hear a little more about the values of relationship-based support, click here.


3 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Hey Ryan and Nicole,
    I really enjoy reading your well written reports. You guys are doing such great work and are an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work! I’ll certainly continue with my support.
    Uncle Bob

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