Our Vision

Vision. It’s such a packed word.

We remember when we first came into missions almost eight years ago, hearing this word tossed around by everyone around us… “It’s all about your vision,” “People want to partner with a vision,” “God wants to give you clear vision,” etc. It is something that many people feel overwhelmed with and pressured to obtain, yet it is something that I believe should always be growing and developing as we walk with God.

Vision shouldn’t be so much about what we do, but about a constant abiding in our Father that allows us to follow Him and be obedient to where He asks us to go and what He asks us to do. So, our vision may not always be one constant thing, or a specific, strategic goal that can be measured by the human mind, but it will come from a place of seeking God’s heart and radically obeying His voice.

Reaching the Unreached
Something that God revealed to our hearts soon after we got married in 2014, is that He is preparing us to go into the unreached world. So, our “vision” has really grown since then. He is giving us a passion to take His truth and love to those who have never heard before, and He is speaking to us about creative ways of doing that. We know that His heart is to encounter every person from every tribe and every tongue, and right now our role in that is helping form part of the Frontier Missions team here on our base, helping to run Islamic Studies Seminars, and giving leadership to the “Groundbreakers” Discipleship Training School which focuses on training our students to go to the unreached with the Gospel, and help them understand and walk in the role God has for them in completing the Great Commission.

Along with providing leadership to the Groundbreakers DTS, we have done visits and outreaches to different countries in the Muslim world, and have recently begun building a pioneering team that will move with us long-term to the Middle East in the next couple of years. If you want more details about where we are moving and why, feel free to send us an email.

Raising up Leaders
Part of the vision God has given us is to invest in our community here at YWAM San José, Costa Rica, with the purpose of seeing everyone who steps foot on this campus encounter the truth of God, be transformed by His love, discover their gifts, and live their life as relevant leaders in every aspect of society. One of our dreams is to see Latin Americans stepping into their call to missions and reaching the unreached with us.

We’re able to help carry this out by (Nicole) serving on the Eldership Team, seeking God’s heart and direction for the community and helping lead through being a servant. We also serve as part of the Student Communications team (Ryan helps lead the team), in which we help bring new students to our campus to be trained and sent out to share God’s love and truth all around the world. We love being able to be part of bringing more people to be equipped to go out into every Nation to make disciples!

Raising up the Locals
Another aspect of our “vision” is to invest in the local church by connecting them to already-existing efforts that reach out to the most marginalized and impoverished populations in the city – this means training them to disciple and share Jesus with children at risk, with people who live on the streets, and with those who are trapped by sexual slavery. We are also passionate about seeing people in the local church trained to go out into all the Nations, and to help them become relevant in taking Jesus wherever they go. We have a great passion and longing to see Latinos reaching the people in Nations who still have not heard the truth of Jesus.

Bringing Awareness
Another one of our passions is using storytelling to make great numbers of people aware of the needs around them. One of our projects is to use photography, documentary and short-story film to make known social issues such as poverty, abuse, and sex trafficking – not to give statistics, but to expose the roots of these problems and encourage people to respond by showing them that there is hope for change, because we actually have found stories of transformation to share with others. Not only that, but we are able to connect people with ministries that we trust, who are truly making a difference in the lives of people who want to be set free from their lives of sexual slavery and other injustices.


If you want to see some photos and read more about what we actually “do” right now, head over and use the drop down menu on this page: https://feetofpeace.com/what-we-do/


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