About Us

We are Ryan + Nicole (and Olivia + baby brother on the way).

We are both from the Bay Area of California.

We met in Costa Rica in 2010 while doing a discipleship school.

Since then, we never parted ways.

Central America stole our hearts while hosting our love story.

Eight years later, we are married with a beautiful, rambunctious little girl and baby brother on the way, and continuing our adventure with a passion to bring peace, see hearts restored and lives transformed wherever we go.

We are simply a family who wants to know more of God’s love so we can freely give it away to everyone around us, especially to those who don’t know they were created to be loved.

We love listening to stories and sharing them. We’ll use this site for our favorites.

For now, we’ll call Costa Rica our home.



One thought on “About Us

  1. Your choice of words (writing) gives me “chicken skin” (Hawaiian for goosebumps). God has gifted you with such a heart after His and so many ways of expressing that. Love you both, Linda and Dick

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