Photo Update July 2017

In the middle of June, the students in our first ever Groundbreakers Discipleship Training School graduated, and moved on into the next step – taking with them a transformational experience and a fresh perspective on life and their purpose. Our teams gathered together in Germany for a week of debrief after spending two months in Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia, and we had a great time processing and celebrating everything that God did in the lives of the people we served, and in each of our own lives. We received great feedback from our students and staff, talked about how we’ve all grown, and how we can take what we’ve learned into what God has next for each of us. On June 23rd, our students graduated, and over the next couple days, they each went on into their next step.

We’re sad to not spend every day with them anymore, but so proud of each of them for allowing God to work so deeply in their lives in the past six months, and whole-heartedly step into what He has for them in the next season.

We spent the last two weeks of June closing out the school and now we are in the States for our annual visit, seeing friends and family, sharing with churches and small groups, and raising funds.

We just wanted to share a quick photo update of our last few months!

Debrief in Germany:


Debrief & Re-entry in Costa Rica:IMG_2498IMG_2501IMG_2503IMG_2504IMG_2515


Visit in Washington:

Next up: We’re heading south to Nevada for a week with Nicole’s family friends from childhood, then onto Southern California for a visit with Ryan’s brother Sean, his mom Leasa, and other friends and supporters, and lastly a visit in the Bay Area with more friends and family. After we wrap up our time in the States, we head back home to Costa Rica where we, along with our YWAM location in San Jose, will be hosting a week-long UofN conference, followed by another week-long workshop for YWAMers who work with Discipleship Training Schools. The rest of the year will be spent with the Frontier Missions team, as well as coordinating a 150-person team, 7-house build with Homes of Hope, and preparation for the next Groundbreakers DTS which begins in January.

Thanks to everyone who has made time for us during this visit so far (both pictured and not pictured!), for inviting us into your homes, driving to see us, taking us out for meals, etc. We are grateful to have so many amazing people in our lives, who love our family, and who make it worth all the traveling! We love you all.

If you haven’t seen us yet and you’d like to, please connect with us! You can send us an email by using the contact form here: and if you’d simply like to stay up to date with what we’re doing, you can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter:

Love, the Mackles


One thought on “Photo Update July 2017

  1. Thanks for your update!
    Was so great to see all of you here in Germany again. Some of the team first time and finally after 5 years again.
    Felt like family, even after a long time not being with Ywam anymore.

    Thanks again for choosing Germany. I believe that many life’s have been changed because of this outreach.
    Outward appearance and wealth can give a false impression of how Germany is. I’m glad you came to see and to minister.

    Germany needs more of this.

    God bless you and give a time of overflow with his presence, even more reveleation of his love for us.

    Viele Grüße

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