You’re not a slave


“You’re not a slave. You’re a son, you’re a daughter.”

This week in the Discipleship Training School, we have our dear friend Jack Kody teaching the students on the topic “Father Heart of God.” We’ve known Jack since he taught in our DTS back in 2010, and since then, he has been someone who has had a great influence in our lives. He has become family to us, so when he comes to share in our schools, it feels like a piece of our hearts returning for the week, reminding us how much we are loved and cherished.

This morning he asked the students a question, “So, on your birthday, or at Christmas, after you open your gifts and see how wonderful they are – you thank your friends and family for the gifts, and then you pull out your wallet and ask them ‘how much do I owe you?’ Right?”

From my perspective, the point he was trying to get across was this: You can’t pay back in any way the gift that you have received from your Father. You can’t work for it. You can’t earn it. No matter what you do, the gift cannot be paid for. Gifts are free. Jesus is a gift to us, and we can’t do anything to change that.

He went on to give the example of our daughter Olivia. He talked about how her place in our home is not based off of what she does for us. He explained how she doesn’t earn the right to live with us by working. She can’t do that. What she does or does not do cannot change the love and acceptance that we have for her. She isn’t our slave. She is our daughter.

In the same way, we are not slaves to God. We are His children. We belong in His house because we are His children. Not because we “work” for him or earn a place of belonging with Him. We can’t do that. Belonging to Him is the essence of our existence. We are His because He sent the gift of Jesus, so that we could eternally be in communion with our Father, our Creator, the One who breathed His very breath into each one of us.

We can’t earn it. We can’t work for it.

All we can do is accept Him. Come to know Him. Abide with Him.


One thought on “You’re not a slave

  1. Beautiful post, beautiful baby, beautiful heart of God! One of my happiest memories ever was the day in 2013 I spent at YWAM with my friend Joel and all the rest of you of you! It was my birthday but part of what I remember well was meeting Jack Kody and hearing him speak on the Father Heart of God that evening. How blessed we all are to have realized this precious gift that God gives us, to have received it and allowed it to embrace us and change us in inexplicable ways. Love Laurel

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