Photo Update – January 2017

The New Year is here… well, it’s been here for two weeks already. This January marks a major time in our lives as we believe it’s the start of something truly great, and something that launches us very intentionally into what God has been speaking to us. Since coming to Costa Rica in 2010 individually, we knew we were stepping into something life-changing. God grabbed hold of each of our hearts during our Discipleship Training School back then, and as the years have gone by, we have walked further into the calling He has for us, all the while learning more about who He is and gaining the experience and understanding to help others do the same.


A little over six years later, we are beyond excited to be pioneering the first ever Groundbreakers Discipleship Training School here in San José, Costa Rica. We are calling it Groundbreakers because we want to equip people to go where none have gone before – to take Jesus to the unreached people groups around the globe. We have eleven amazing students and five awesome staff ranging from 18-48 years old, representing the Nations of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Holland, Costa Rica, Brazil, and El Salvador. The purpose of leading this DTS is raise up our students to be people who know God intimately, to come to a deep understanding of their identity in Him, and to go out and lead others in the same way – making disciples in all Nations, in whatever sphere of society they are called to – with an understanding and a love for those who are most forgotten in this world. We want to equip them to be true worshippers and followers of Jesus, living out the Kingdom and sharing His hope in the farthest corners of the earth as teachers, doctors, pastors, business people, missionaries, artists, and athletes.


We welcomed our students here last weekend and our first week of class was on the topic of Hearing God’s Voice, taught by Kayle Mumby, a good friend of ours (remember when we met him in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of “When you start to think depending on God totally sucks”?) with great faith, an incredible love for the Lord, the craziest stories of God doing miraculous things and a passion to see others truly encounter our Creator. Our students have already grown so much in this first week, and all of us have been reminded of just how faithful God is. We’re only seven days in, and still have 11 more weeks of class time before our 3-month field assignment phase and so much has already happened. We can’t wait for all that God has in store for this group in the next six months!


Something Kayle said while teaching that really impacted me this week was this:

“There’s two things that happen when you fight with God: 1) You surrender and you win, or 2) You fight, He wins, and He makes you the victor. One is just much quicker than the other.”

Surrendering to God is such a struggle sometimes because we think of surrender as weakness. But surrendering to Him just leads us to victory because whatever He is asking of us is always the best possible thing for our lives. It’s so much quicker and easier to just surrender everything to Him and let Him take the lead in our lives, rather than wrestling with Him, trying to have control because we think we know what’s best. I know it’s something I still struggle with, so it was a great reminder for me.

Another thing that really impacted me this week was when Kayle said,

“God can’t change your mind. You can’t change your heart. But if you change your mind, God can change your heart.”

I love this because it makes the idea of free will in your relationship with God so simple. I think we have constant battles going on in our minds of what is logical, or what is right, and the best thing we can do is just submit our thoughts to God, renew our minds, and let Him take care of the heart change that naturally follows.

We had so much fun getting to know our students this week, and also spend time with our friend Kayle who we hadn’t seen in almost two years! It was his first time in Costa Rica and he wanted to eat Gallo Pinto every day, and to see one of the nearby volcanoes. We had a blast!

Here’s some photos from this week:




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