December 2016 Photo Update

December was a fun, but crazy busy month! It started out with Ryan going on his third trip to film a video, while Olivia and I were home preparing for the January Discipleship Training School. Upon Ryan’s return, we had a fun Sunday morning breakfast with our friends Carlos & Sidney and their beautiful daughter Selah, who is 11 months older than Olivia. Six days later we boarded Olivia’s 14th flight (thanks mom!) Seattle-bound to stay with my parents over Christmas. Olivia was able to spend lots of time with her cousins Jason (7) & Zaden (6 months), Uncles Zach & Sean, Auntie Jessica, and Pop Pop & Omi (my parents).  Olivia’s first Christmas was spent in cold, off-and-on snowy weather, with the sun rising around 8:30am every day and going back down around 5pm – a huge difference from our 5am sunrises in Costa Rica! The day after Christmas, the three of us packed into the car and drove down to Great Gramps & Grammy Mackle’s house in Corvallis, Oregon where Dave (Grampy to Olivia), Jeannine, Sean & Patrick met us for a couple of fun-filled days. When we returned to Washington, Ryan & I got to spend a night at this awesome treehouse B&B (just fifteen minutes from my parents house) to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. I couldn’t sleep in, so I made Ryan get up and watch the sunrise with me where Mount Rainier and Seattle’s lights set a beautiful backdrop for the colorful Puget Sound. That evening, Ryan’s mom (Baba to Olivia) flew in from Pleasanton and stayed through New Year’s morning, which was celebrated at Zach & Jessica’s house. We took off from the snow-filled Seattle airport the following day and landed in Costa Rica at 2am… only to discover that out of all our luggage, Olivia’s bag went missing! Thankfully, the airport delivered it to our house the next day. We were so grateful to spend some time with family and friends in the States over the Holidays, and it was amazing that Olivia was able to see all of her grandparents! Hopefully the photos tell a better story..img_7139img_7153img_7162img_7163img_7166img_7169img_7172img_7173img_7174img_7253img_7256img_7264img_7266img_7280img_7299img_7333img_7346img_7356img_7378img_7379img_7384img_7389img_7396img_7397img_7416img_7418img_7420img_7429img_7435img_7436img_7438img_7456img_7467img_7472img_7538img_7548img_7558img_7562img_7571img_7575img_7582img_7596img_7603img_7616img_7625img_7633img_7643img_7645img_7650img_7656img_7669img_7670img_7672img_7675img_7676img_7681img_7684img_7685img_7688img_7692img_7696img_7714img_7716img_7728img_7735img_7736img_7743img_7750img_7752img_7753img_7754img_7756img_7760img_7761img_7763img_7766img_7767img_7774img_7776img_7795img_7797img_7798img_7805img_7811img_7816img_7826img_7831img_7834img_7837img_7842img_7844img_7854img_7880img_7883img_7886img_7892img_7904img_7909img_7954img_7962


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