Olivia: 3-6 months

Olivia is already half a year old! Time sure has flown by in the last 6 months. Olivia has been to the United States, Canada (for a layover), Australia, El Salvador (for a layover), and this week will go to Nicaragua! In the past three months she has gained 6 pounds and grown about 6 inches in length! She started sitting up unassisted a few weeks ago and makes her way around by rolling and army crawling. She lifts herself in a plank-like position on all fours, so who knows, she might crawl any day now! She likes to make lots of sounds, laughs the most at Daddy when he dances, and loves when we clap, sing, and snap our fingers. A few days ago we gave her food (we are doing Baby Led Weaning -BLW- and it’s great so far!) for the first time, and so far she has tried avocado, banana, carrot and cauliflower. She seems to like banana best. She still loves her bath time, being around lots of people, and going on walks outside. Here are some photos from the last three months, and if you missed the photos from her first three months of life, you can see them here: https://ryanmnicole.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/olivias-first-three-months/


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