Olivia’s First Three Months

In her first three months of life Olivia has grown so much and learned so many new things!

She holds her head steady all by herself, smiles all the time, started teething, grabs onto things like toys, mom & dad’s hair, clothes, etc., reaches out and grabs onto her toes while lying down, she is almost rolling over from her back to tummy, and she started sleeping through the night without needing a nighttime feeding!

She loves to sleep in the car during long drives, go on hikes outdoors in her sling, listen to music and hear people sing, take baths before bedtime (and has done so in probably more than ten different homes’ sinks), and absolutely loves meeting new people!

This one’s already gone viral so it might as well be at the top of the page

3 thoughts on “Olivia’s First Three Months

  1. Thank you for posting this photo update! I feel so privileged to have been called to pray for Olivia and both of you right at the moment of her birth! This will always be an amazing memory for me of the power of the Holy Spirit to unite us in the body. It is a testimony of the power of prayer when I share this story with others. Whenever I see this little girl’s smile it brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with love and gratitude for you all. May God continue to bless and protect Olivia and may he continue to bless you Ryan and Nicole as you parent her and as you serve Him in your ministry. Lots of love and prayers from Canada. Ps my favourite photos are of Olivia with all her Gs aka grandparents! It looks like she might have some GGs too aka great grandparents! Awesome!

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