Bring Us Back for Christmas!

Hello there lovely friends, family, and followers of our blog.

As you all know, as full-time staff with Youth With A Mission, we do not receive a paycheck. Instead, we live a lifestyle of faith and partnership with people all over the world who believe in what we do. Right now, our monthly partners provide about 40% of what we need, which means that until we have more monthly support, we have to seek ways of raising funds for “extras” like coming to the States to visit family for Christmas, or completing our residency process here in Costa Rica.

Since our wedding, we have not been able to visit with our families together, or to be able to spend time with friends and church families who love and support us. As December gets closer, we are hoping to raise the funds to come back for one month, and as time goes on, the prices for flights only get higher. We know that we can’t make this happen alone, so we’ve thought of some different ways for you to help us make this dream come true, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to receive or give something enjoyable from Costa Rica.

Here are the ways you can help us raise the $3000 needed to complete our Costa Rican residency and come to the States:

Give miles for our flight. If you have miles saved up with an airline company and would like to donate to us you can. Each flight is about 55,000 depending on the airline company it can be more or less. We personally have miles saved up with United and Star Alliance, this would be the easiest for donating, but if its with United or not its ok, just let us know if this is something you’d like to do!

Buy a 2015 custom calendar. To be able to raise funds, we are creating a custom year 2015 calendar filled with high-resolution photos that we have taken here in Costa Rica. Some represent the sheer beauty of the country’s nature, while others portray the brokenness and poverty that we are fighting to change. You can order your calendar as a Christmas gift for someone, or for yourself, and the funds will help bring us to our families for the Christmas season. To order yours, simply make a $25 donation and leave us a note of where we should send the calendar.

You might see a photo like this in the calendar.
You might see a photo like this in the calendar.

Purchase delicious Costa Rican coffee. This beautiful country is known worldwide for it’s amazing coffee. If you’re a coffee-lover or know someone who is, let us know how many ½ kilos of organic whole bean or ground coffee you’d like us to bring for you. Or if you’d like something sweeter, we can get chocolate covered coffee beans or macadamias from the same local roaster. We’ll make sure to get it to you before Christmas! The going price for each ½ kilo is around $9.00, so if you’d like to help bring us home or give towards our residency, just add your contribution to that amount.

The coffee we're bringing comes from this beautiful plantation in Costa Rica!
The coffee we’re bringing comes from this beautiful plantation in Costa Rica!

Make a tax-deductible donation. If you simply want to give without ordering anything, the best way is through MEI. They will safely process your contribution and send you a tax-deductible receipt.

To give through MEI, click and follow these instructions:

Select “Special Gift for Person” or “Recurring Gift”

Enter our Account #: A9070 (*This is very important! Must enter # for us to receive it*)

Proceed to select your payment option.
To order calendars or coffee, you can use MEI as stated above or use Paypal here:

If you’d rather not make a contribution online, you can send a check in the name of Ryan or Nicole Mackle to:

13070 Hadfield Road SE
Olalla, WA 98359

Whichever giving option you choose, please make sure to send us an email at or leave a note with your Paypal contribution to notify us of how many calendars, how many 1/2 kilos of coffee or chocolate-covered treats, and where we should deliver the gifts.

Thanks so much for your support! We hope to see you stateside!


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  1. Deliver to me all three! Hoe much for like 3 calendars and like one coffee and like some chocolate dude

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