Faces of ___________.

A few days ago I was looking through my photos with the intention of organizing my folders a bit, when I came across these ones that I have taken over the last few months. All of them are from ministry times when we went to be a part of building a home for families living in some harsh conditions.

I love capturing faces because when I look at them again it’s easy for me to remember how each one of them impacted me and showed me more about how to live a life of gratitude and simplicity. When I look at the following faces, many things come to mind, but above all, I look at them and see faces of hope. Hope for their families, hope for their communities, and hope for their future generation.













IMG_2614 IMG_2658

Maybe you saw something different than what I did. Whatever it was, I hope that it spoke to you in some way or reminded you that each and every one of us was created with something incredible inside us. That all of us were created with value.

Love, Nicole (and Ryan, too)


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