Something Different

Usually, every Sunday morning, Ryan and I get up, get ready, and hop on the bus to go to church. This morning, I was feeling the worst of a nasty cold and sinus ickiness that’s been haunting me for the past few days… so we decided to stay in bed and “do our own church.”

We turned on some acoustic worship in iTunes, and Ryan started reading from the first chapter of 1 Peter. As someone who grew up in the church my entire life, I have heard this chapter read several times before, and even done a complete inductive study of it. But this morning, I heard something different as Ryan read it aloud. I had my journal out, and I decided to just write out the main points that stuck out to me in the best way I understood them.

This is what hit me..

“Grace and peace to the outsiders, to the one’s who’ve been overlooked, to the underdogs… there’s a great inheritance coming your way.

Believe this, despite the tremendous suffering you’ve endured.

Grace is being poured out upon you and a free gift of salvation has been given to you. Don’t think in the way that you did before – there are much greater things to come than you’ve ever known.

You have been made new, an imperishable being. What’s true and pure will always remain. Your One Hope will never fade.”

First thing that REALLY stuck out to me was Peter writing to these scattered people, who were called “aliens.” He was calling out to the ones who had likely been forgotten and overlooked. The people who everyone else thought was no good. He was writing to all the ones who didn’t believe in themselves… to tell them that the One who created the entire universe had a great purpose for them – a fatty inheritance. And even if they thought they were useless, they had been chosen.

Secondly, as people who were on the outskirts, who weren’t seen as important in society, they were being told that even in the midst of all the difficulties they had been through, something good was coming. They had been through a lot of pain and suffering, and most of it was most likely out of their control. I imagine that they had experienced plenty of injustice, and simply just kept fighting through it. I bet they were getting really tired and hopeless though. Maybe that’s why Peter told them to hold onto what he was promising, even though everything they had been through was so tough.

And then he comes out and says it very plainly… “GUYS! You have been offered the greatest gift that has ever existed! Focus on this! You have been chosen. You are important to the only One who actually knows what is and is not valuable. Your Creator wants to be with you for eternity! So think about what’s gonna last, not what perishes.”

And of course, there was much more. But that little bit was enough for me this morning. It’s what I needed to hear, and I’m guessing that I’m not alone in that.

So, hopefully this little post will allow more than just myself to be grateful that God moved a pretty cool guy named Peter to write to the underdogs a long time ago, to let them know that something great was in store for them, that they were valuable, and worth the greatest kind of love.



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